Melake Menkirat Girma Wondimu

Melake Menkirat Girma Wondimu



               Welcome to Teamere Tsion. Teamere Tsion is a term translated as “Miracles of our mother Virgin Mary“. The word Teamere Tsion is an Amharic combination of word as Teamere means Miracle and Tsion (Zion) refers to Kidist Mariam (Our mother Virgin Mary). Tsion (Zion) is mentioned in the Holy Bible many times and on the other hand, Tsion (Zion)  is a place-name often used as a synonym for Jerusalem. The word is first found in 2 Samuel 5:7 which dates from c.630–540 BCE according to modern scholarship.

       This website is dedicated to witness the work of God and miracles by the prayer and help of the Holy Virgin Mary, Holy Angles and the Martyrs. All videos in this website are the work of God revealed in Ethiopia upon Melake Menkerate Memehir Girma Wondimu.

  Who is Melake Menkerate Memehir Girma Wondimu? Below is an interview conducted by CNN.

cnn2Date 28-6-2011.

Original link http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-627906

By Tedla T.

Thousands of Ethiopians and some foreigners head to a Church in Addis Abeba looking for religious healing from an Orthodox Priest Melake Menkerate Memehir Girma Wondimu. On Saturday and Sunday at  Holy Trinity Church Addis Abeba (Kedist Selasie) located at YererBer, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Thousands of Ethiopians and foreigners have given testimonies of healing and many have been open-mouthed by the miracles they have witnessed. Almost all types of ailments are healed through faith healing. This is one of the talking points in the religiously strong Ethiopia today. The priest regularly gives religious teaching and healing through baptismal in the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian ways. I have had the opportunity to speak to him.

The excerpt follows,
Tell me about yourself ?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: I was born in 1951 (Ethiopian liturgical calendar) in Bale, Ethiopia. In 1962 (Ethiopian liturgical calendar), I was ordained a deacon by Abune Mekariosat the Saint Michael Church, in Bale Goba. I served as a deacon for 15 years in different parishes in Bale, Ethiopia. Then I completed preaching and prayer courses. Then I was given additional training on prayers by religious fathers. They strengthened me. By taking the Holy Eucharist (Communion) often, I also got the spiritual gift from God that enables me to identify an evil spirit. When teaching the Gospel to the people attending worship, I was then able to identify where the evil spirits were amongst worshipers. When you take the Holy Communion, you see what Jesus Christ had seen. You do what Jesus Christ did. Because he said in the Gospel of John 14:12 “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the father.” In this world where betrayal is much, God is out of the philosophy, to quieten the material world wealth and wisdom, and reveal the secret. God showed/gave me the opportunity through his gift. So now I can say I have a Doctorate Degree of 45 years of investigation and research on evil spirits. And in all those years, I had served in Bale Goba, Zeway, Butajira (many Pentecostals and Muslims have been converted to Christianity), Meki, Jima, Teppi, YirgaCheffe, Sidamo, Harar, Somali region, Neeus Tabia Ketema, Sudan, Israel, Switzerland and Italy. I have been in Addis Abeba for the past good years and will soon be heading to Wello, Haik, and others.

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