What did it include, prayers only or did it include healing and other services as I watched in the series of the Video CD of the faith healing you have released?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: What you watched on the Video CD is just a tip of it. Through my service, all kinds of healing, safety and deliverance works are done. I spent all the 45 years in this service. Out of the 45 years, I spent nine of them exiled in Sudan.

Do you have a family?

webMemehir Girma Wondimu: I am married and have three children. I live with my family now.


Doing these time and space taking Faith Healing Services and being over crowded with such a large mass, Won’t this affect your private and family life?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: My life is only for prayer. The rest would all be fulfilled by the will of God. After my faith healing programs, I spend my time in prayers and taking the Holy Communion frequently, because the way to defend devil is when you have Lord inside you, so it is by taking the Holy Communion that the devil is won and you get strengthened. Because He said “I am the bread of life.’’

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