Can you list me the total number of healing and their types?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: They are so many. Because it is quite expensive to have the blank CD we use for recording the films on, we only do recordings sometimes and only few of the miracles selected. Hundreds of people are healed every day. For instance in Somali region, Ethiopia, we used to heal a group of 20 to 40 people at a time. So it is difficult to put it in figures but you can say over a million. Healing begins when they watch live recorded videos online available on this site and on YouTube channel called Teamere Tsion. You can say almost half of the 90 million of our population has been affected by demons because they do not pray or they do not know how to pray. Millions around the world as well. The west and the east has lost to worship God properly and many have no religion at all.  Many worship an idol. In Ethiopia we can say after the revolution (1974), many are possessed by the devil.

There were many types of cures, some whose tongues was inside their necks were healed, crippled, disabled, deaf and some who were in coma were also healed, scientists were also cured, infertile gave birth, Pentecostal spirits were also healed. Many Europeans and Americans have been healed here too with possessed by hereditary witch and Asatruar. Some of them are in high positions in their own countries. Their demons are easy to exorcise because it is not worshiped unlike ours.I know that most priests in the old days used to have the gift of faith healing. Especially those that were before the coming of modern school were able to heal. Then, those who have abused their religious education for their own and devil’s benefits have popped up, who are wrongly named, Debteras (Evil Doers).

To those fellows in my generation who believe in rationality and logic such cures and miracles are unacceptable, some would even laugh when told about the miracles. What is your message for these people?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: These people are of five type:- First those that have totally denied God and are possessed by demon. Second are relatives of the devil (witches, shamans, evil eyes and so on). Third those affected by the spirit of philosophy (these are modern Satan like socialism followers and other similar laws), fourth are those who succeed the place of devil by having a behavior of discrimination, hate, and love of material wealth. The last or the fifth group are Christians themselves. The four believe in material world. They believe in philosophies and when they see miracles they happen to be scared or often they continue with their denials.

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