Such services of “Faith Healing’’ in our Church are increasing. I have seen many cases in Addis Abeba in places like Piassa, Ferensayee and so on. Some were proved wrong. How do you see that?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: Gifts of God’s generosity are different. As long as one can heal, opposes the devil, and the rules and regulations of the Church are respected, I wouldn’t have anything against it. I believe the gift is only from God.

Did you have bad experiences?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: I was labelled by some laity as a Non-Christian and was even unable to find a place to sleep for some time. Some had also said that I don’t eat food at all. When I said that my time to break my fast has reached, an elderly lady whose children have been healed once asked me “do you also eat?” I also heard that some people accused me of being a magician, using a Sudanese witchcraft and so on. Those who have been doing this were the types of people I mentioned earlier. One of the saddening things is that priests that knew me very well also failed to testify about me due to jealousy and bad intentions. Some with a rank of Pope, whom I had known in person, had also sent out a rumor, stating that I had a Sudanese witchcraft to do all these healing and this, had stereotyped many worshipers. This shows that the spirits of jealousy and badness that were in there during Genesis had not yet left the Church. There were also intimidation, breaking of my water pipe, protests and so on. But this is all improving now. Worshipers have known the truth now.

They say treasury gifts can spoil …do u take gifts?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: For all these services, nobody pays. It is all free. And there is no precondition to be healed all human beings of all religions, race or identity are allowed to come for healing. They get all the services for free.

So how do you live? Any source of income?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: From the sale of the Video CD and the books I  have authored. The CD show some of the live recorded miraculous ‘Faith Healing’ programs and preaching.

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