Do you have message for Ethiopians? We Ethiopians are suffering and agonized both in Ethiopia or while in exile. Our problems seem to be endless. Though we were one of the grandest, now we are the helpless.


Memehir Girma Wondimu: Very good. We are in this alarming image for one thing because our ‘Citizenship as Ethiopian’ has gone out of us. Secondly, our religious direction has been contaminated by the communist thinking. Thirdly, a cursing spirit has entered us and our leaders have built the generation repeating the ‘destroy it!’’ slogan. There was this culture that promoted the destruction of our past history, the Church, the monuments, and the heroes who protected this country. I am not a politician but I think a child that grew up with those slogans of ‘destroy it’ couldn’t be able to have love for the country and values and respect for a religion. So we are harvesting a generation that grew up with the ‘destroy it’ slogan/word. That is why whatever we work and our fruits are destroyed, we are exiled and there is destruction there too, here we are and it is destroyed too, it is all destruction. Why? Because what we sow was curse, so we reap curse too. Ethical morality has been broken by Marxist thinking too. Sixty thousand Ethiopians in the times of the revolution were always marching on Sundays saying “destroy it”, they used to eat meat on Wednesday and Friday that was a time where there was extreme exaltation and indulgence .When their slogan was made a reality by God, it is a destruction again. The other thing is that  “going 40 years forward and 40 years backward’’ has become one of the natures of the Ethiopian history.

What is the solution?


Memehir Girma Wondimu: We have to return backward meaning to prayers, ethical education, the religious martyrdom of our fathers, firmness in belief, ceasing lying, and fearing God. Ethiopians have to begin a life of sainthood/sanctification. Sanctified people won’t starve, go to war, migrate, because God is the warier under the protection of the holy Angles, they will be victorious. We aren’t sanctified. So all of us have to be blessed. If all are blessed, they will always win.
People around the world had attempted to change the world with materials but material is only reducing human beings. We see the technologies, satellites, internet, and mobiles advancing…although it is good and useful; it is also passing its limit. Leaders have been very wrong. Politicians have extremely lost their direction. So unless we return to the one who shows us directions, we will be in a complete darkness. If we return to God, what we Ethiopians have is enough to the world. We are not either with the West or with ourselves so then we have become losers.
In short, I would like to say to Ethiopians from the youth to elders to stop being lured with little things for the sake of filling their belly and be firm on their faith.

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